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Diego (Danny) Galvao

I began Valor Point Studios with one Idea: to empower local businesses to establish a strong web presence by creating beautiful web pages. Hi, I'm Diego Galvao (often referred to as Danny), creator of Valor Point Studios and web designer by trade.


Over the last few years I have taken the ordinary webpage and, while partnering with the business owner, have created a page that is functional, effective, and aesthetically fitting. My goal is to provide a website that captures the essence of the business that you've built and can be proud of. Being proficient in multiple cloud-based platforms, and with an education from Georgia State University in the Marketing field, I look forward to working alongside you for all your web development needs! But don't just take my word for it, keep on scrolling for more info and our portfolio.


02 process

Valor Point Studios specializes in both "head to toe" development and individual elements such as web design.

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Establishing who you are as a company is essential to bringing customers to your webpage. That is why branding is the first step in the process towards achieving high web traffic and sales. Valor Point Studios focuses on effective branding strategies that create responsive, effective and innovative web pages. 


We work together to establish your companies':


- "Marketing Mix" (Product, Price, Place, & Promotion)

- Values and Identity

- Point of differentiation (What makes you unique)

- Goals 

With your Brand established, we can now move to the Targeting stage of web development. In the second phase, we will emphasize your main customer base and create effective strategies to drive these customers to you. Valor Point will address common small businesses issues such as target misidentification, improper segmentation of consumer demographics, and positioning errors. 


Together we will build your companies':


- STP (Segmentation, Target, and Position)

- Consumer Identification Profile 

- Effective narrative voice 

- Customer engagement plan

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The heart and soul of the business is the creation of an effective design that both captivates and motivates your customers. Valor Point Studios specializes in creating stunning web pages, mobile friendly designs, and social media accounts that will excel at those key elements. At the forefront of what we do is a creative approach to web design that will set your company apart from the "cookie cutter" web presence of other companies. 


Together can design and launch your companies':


- Webpage 

- Mobile Webpage

- Social Media Accounts 

- Blog (to boost SEO)

Now that your stunning webpage is up and running there are a few things we need to brush upon. Creating effective campaigns is what will allow your business to rise above the rest on the competitive online market. Valor Point Studios effectively provides marketing campaigns, metrics, analysis, ads, surveys, and solutions. We believe in fostering a long-term partnership, creating a lasting impact with our customers. 


Together we will continuously provide:


  • Unmatched customer service

  • Comprehensive web metrics, reports, and analysis of how your pages are doing

  • Intensive web care and maintenance

  • Continuous blog and post creations, boosting your web page visibility on search engines and media sites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Google ads with functional formatting and voice 

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Check out some of my work below, more references upon request!

03 Portfolio

Web Pages

Mobile-Friendly Websites

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Custom Logo Designs

Specialized Blogs for Your Business

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Industry-Specific Marketing Plans

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Let us help you!
We are ecstatic to work with you, leave your info below and we will contact you ASAP!

Thanks! We look forward to talking to you!

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